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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register my daughter for Girls in Engineering?
Girls interested in attending a Girls in Engineering camp must submit an application. The application process is competitive and only 30 girls will be selected for each camp session. In 2016, only 1 out of every 3 applicants were accepted. More information about the application process will be available in early 2017.
When are the application decisions made?
Application decisions will be made by April 14 and you will be notified by e-mail.
Can my daughter and her friend attend the same camp session?
Unfortunately, due to our competitive application process, we are unable to place friends together in the same session. However, we do attempt to place sisters into the same camp session.
What is the fee for the 2017 camps?
The fee for the 2017 camps is $600, but if your family demonstrates financial need, camp will be free. Please see the Camp Fee page for more information.
Do I need to provide proof that my family demonstrates financial need?
No, we do not ask for proof when your daughter is applying. You only need to indicate your financial need when responding to the camp fee question in the application. However, we reserve the right to request this documentation at a later date.
Is there an application fee?
No, there is no application fee.
If our schedule changes, and my daughter is admitted into a session that she is no longer available for, can she switch sessions?
If your daughter is admitted into a session that she is no longer available for, you can request that she be placed on a wait list for another session. If a spot opens up in the session your daughter is wait listed for, we will e-mail you.